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Black tea pack with black seed X 4 boxes

Black tea pack with black seed X 4 boxes

Take this opportunity to give rhythm to your day by combining savours and virtues, not with 1 box but with 4 boxes of black tea making four times as much pleasure.

Certainly one of the only beverages to share or to enjoy by yourself!

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 Discover a little-known savour through the SAOUDA tea, a unique nectar and a rare well-being beverage. The SAOUDA tea indeed offers you a nice and warm sensation of coolness and a great moment of pleasure.

Product Description

-  Net Weight: 40 g.

- Ingredients: Iran black tea (55%), nigella seeds (35%), cinnamon peel, spices flavours. This tea is sugar and preservative free.

- The SAOUDA tea: stimulates the immune defences of the body. It is suitable for diabetes, heart troubles, blood pressure, and heartburn. It facilitates the intestinal transit and digestion and helps clear the bronchial tubes and sinus.


20 airtight sachets of 2 grammes each in a cardboard box.

Energy values for a 2 grammes sachet:

Energy intake of less than 4 kcals for 100 ml of brewed tea.

Preparation directions:

- Put a sachet in a cup

- Add hot water

- Leave the tea to brew 3 to 4 minutes

- Sweeten to taste and enjoy this blend of virtues and pleasures